• OS Nature

    We’ve recently been experimenting with modular furniture units that can be 3d printed and assembled using more readily available natural components. Here is the first prototype that was made in Norway. In the summer of 2015 we’ll be experimenting with new elements and forms, literally ‘in a field’. The hole spacing is designed to be compatible with the Open Structures grid.

  • Forest Temple

    A former humanist temple is now an elegant home in the Forest borough of Brussels. The black plywood contrasts with the solid ash wooden surfaces, and the island floats off the floor with a black polished steel frame.

  • Quartier Durable Signage Brussels

    In late 2014 Whittuck and design studio Dear Pigs were commissioned by Bruxelles Environnement to design a signage system that meets the needs of the 39 Quartier Durable (sustainable boroughs) in the Brussels region. The system in based on a flexible grid which allows  members of the community groups to update their neighbours on local activities and spread the word about their various projects. The first 7 signs are envisaged to be realised in our workshop late 2015.



  • Oxfam Hasselt {completed winter 2014}

    In October this year Whittuck is teaming up with Wree Veys to design and realise Oxfam’s latest second hand book shop in Hasselt. Here are the first few illustrations from the development phase. Keep checking back for more details in the following months, we’ll be posting new pictures and even offering free plans for some of the furniture which can be made using CNC routing technology.

  • Beton Bench Project

    The ‘Beton Bench’ project by Whittuck was designed to develop social space for local inhabitants in the most affordable and carbon neutral manner.

    To this end, Whittuck sourced quality waste materials, designed functional solutions and manufactured them in collaboration with the Quartier Wiels Wijk in Brussels.

    The end result is 10 benches that can be stored in purpose made box for local people to use for a variety of social gatherings. 85% of the raw materials for this project were waste that would otherwise have been discarded. Due to the low purchase price of said materials, the overall price of the project was kept within an extremely low budget.

  • Mad Gyms and Kitchens

    Mad Gyms and Kitchens was a touring performance by artist Bobby Baker. Together Bobby Baker and Whittuck undertook a residency at the University of Bath (UK), to develop the scenography for the show.

    As is usual for Bobby, one of the cornerstones to this mental health wellness roadshow was the ability to provide tea and biscuits, alongside a fully stocked ‘art cart’ with drawing materials and craft sets for all participants.

  • Mobilotoop

    The Mobilotoop projects aim was to develop new intelligent mobility systems founded on the principles of open design and modular building blocks. The project took it’s conclusion December 2013 at the C-Mine Centre in Genk (Belgium), where the research and works developed for the project were shown. Here a a few shots of the playground Whittuck designed in collaboration with Mathie Royen. 


How we work

Whittuck produces contemporary furniture,  urban projects and interior designs for private homes, companies and organisations. Whittuck has a passion for creating fun and beautiful objects; we always work closely with clients to establish the specific needs and budget for every project.


All of the pieces on this site are available in custom dimensions and materials. Whittuck also provides a design service, whereby new projects and interior schemes can be designed and made to your specific desires.


We strive to go above and beyond what is commercially available, to give you good design and healthier objects.



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